Trainer Certificate Course

To pursue a career in fitness one must have the willingness to put in the hard work of training as an athlete, becoming aware of the ins and outs of the fitness industry and to constantly being on the path of learning.

At Bodh CrossFit, we identify a qualified coach as someone who can demonstrate adequate knowledge about the fundamentals of functional training and the methodology behind it.  A qualified coach should be able to teach, see and correct movements with a relentless attitude, at the same time as being caring and understanding of client’s needs. For which,

Bodh CrossFit introduces a 6-week Trainer Certificate Course

Who can do this program?

  • Personal Trainers who want to include functional training in the programming
  • Trainers who want to add to their level of expertise
  • Gym owners, to gain a better understanding of their services
  • Anyone who wants to maximize their fitness potential
  • Anyone who to build an independent coaching practice
  • CrossFit Level One aspirants
  • Fit nerds

With Bodh CrossFit’s Head Coach, Rajeev Sejwal guiding the course, who holds more than 20 years of experience in functional training, this is an opportunity that cannot be missed by anyone who sees coaching as a career option.


What can you expect to do/learn from this course?

  • Shadowing and studying the Head Coach
  • Understanding CrossFit and it’s usability
  • Knowledge of Functional Training and its Fundamentals
  • Knowledge of Olympic & Gymnastic Movements
  • Coaching and Scaling of Movements
  • Movement fault identification and correction
  • Class code of conduct, presence, and attitude
  • How to conduct a group class
  • How to tackle various types of clients
  • Nutrition Foundation

Trainees will be actively involved in regular classes in which they will be asked to handle parts of class before being given the opportunity of calling a session their own. Trainees can expect feedback from the Head Coach after every class.

Starting from: 16th Dec 2019 (Second Batch)

Number of Seats: 6

Duration of the Course: 6 weeks

Days of training: Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday

Course Fee: Rs. 30,000 (inclusive GST.) [ Cost includes training and learning at Bodh CrossFit & a Coach Kit ]

Interested applicants can fill the following form at just Rs. 100: